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How to install home wiring? How to connect home decoration wires?


In the current market, there are a variety of wire brands, especially for many homeowners who need decoration, and decoration companies are boasting excessively about their products. So how do we choose a good home decoration wire? How to connect these home wiring? Let's learn about it with the editor below.
1、 Selection method for home decoration wires

1. Home decoration wire brand manufacturer - check

Even the worst national standard line is much better than the non-standard line. So we first need to determine whether the wires comply with national standards and are qualified products - by checking the product's certificate of conformity, 3C logo, trademark, specifications, etc., we can make a preliminary judgment on the quality of the wires.

2. Brand manufacturers of home decoration wires - see

Peel off the insulation layer of a section of wire and look at the color of the conductors inside to determine the quality of the conductors

The highest quality copper wire is purple red and is called "purple copper" or "red copper";

The copper wire that is almost golden in color is called "brass";

The worst copper wire is black, known as' iron rod copper '.

Different types of copper represent different purity and impurity content, and correspondingly, their conductivity is also different.

3. Home decoration wire brand manufacturer - touch

First touch the conductor, ensuring that the surface of the high-quality conductor is smooth and free of burrs; The worse the conductor, the rougher the surface, and even the feeling of irritation.

Touch the insulation layer again, high-quality insulation layer has good elasticity - use a nail to scratch the insulation layer, and if you can leave a scratch, it proves that the insulation layer has poor elasticity.

4. Home decoration wire brand manufacturer - discount

Take a piece of wire and bend it repeatedly at a certain location. After bending, observe the position of the bending and judge the quality of the wire.

High quality wires can feel very soft during the bending process; If the insulation layer turns white after bending, it proves that the insulation layer is too hard and brittle, and it is easy to leak electricity after long-term use.

5. Home decoration wire brand manufacturer - Shao

Burn the insulation layer and observe its flame retardancy.

Use a lighter to burn the insulation layer until it catches fire. After removing the lighter, calculate the extinguishing time of the insulation layer - it will automatically extinguish within 5 seconds, proving that the flame retardant performance of the insulation layer meets the standard. If the automatic extinguishing time is long, or even if it burns more and more vigorously, the flame retardancy is too poor. Hurry up and don't buy.

2、 Connection method for home decoration wires

1. Wire connection is a very common method of connection, and the commonly seen wire connection is this. The copper wires inside the wire are intertwined and intertwined, which can ensure that the joints of the wire do not experience large fires, short circuits, or poor contact. This is also a common method of connection for every electrician.

2. This type of connection is relatively rare, mainly because the main line cannot be cut off, and the wires are wrapped around the main line for 6 to 8 turns. However, this type of connection is prone to fire, short circuit, poor contact, and other on-site situations. The main reason is that the wire ends are not properly handled during wiring, causing looseness. After the high load of current passes through, it generates ions, which repel each other and are prone to sparks. At the same time, the temperature also quickly rises, Nowadays, this connection method is rarely used. If you wrap fireproof rubber on the outside, it will be much safer. This connection method is mainly used for roof interiors or in relatively high-energy projects nowadays.

3. This connection method is called the crimping wire connection method. This wire connection method is the most practical and standardized nowadays, but it requires specialized tools to do it. This crimping wire cap requires crimping pliers to crimp the wire, and then the specialized pliers for crimping the wire are placed on the crimping wire and pressed tightly. Also, the size of the pressing cap is closely related to the diameter of the pressed wire and the number of pieces

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